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Software Quality Assurance Testing Automation & Manual Solution Provider

Software testing is an integral part of a successful project/product delivery. It is the process of evaluating your software functionalities to validate if they are working as expected. A report from Statista states that around 23% of an organization’s annual IT budget is allocated towards quality assurance and testing. Rightly so, because quality software opens the door for organizations to compete effectively and offer a great customer experience.

With software testing seeing increased adoption, its market size exceeded USD 40 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 6% from 2020 to 2026.

Think Enabled is a solution provider for both manual and automation testing services for websites/web applications, mobile (Native & Hybrid) applications, Web services, security and responsive testing. We are an extension of your QA Team.

What do we provide?
Think Enabled provides end-to-end solutions for automating functionalities and manual testing services of all websites/web applications, mobile apps, web APIs. We are also facilitating measuring performance and capability of handling loads of 1000s of VUs (Virtual Users) on Web applications and APIs. In addition to that, we are also providing security testing solutions. We don’t just run tests, we investigate every single failure. If it turns out to be a test code problem, we fix it. If it’s a bug, we write up a report with reproducible steps, a screenshot, a video recording, logs, etc. Instead of dealing with flaky tests and false positives, you get pure, actionable feedback.

Effort – In-House Effort – Our Team
Hire, onboard, and manage a QA team 80%+ end-to-end coverage in 4 months
Develop a test plan Expert team of QA engineers
Research and select tools Comprehensive test plan
Write and maintain CI/CD integrations Failure triaging and test maintenance
Build and maintain test infrastructure High-quality bug reports
Investigate every test failure Custom parallel tests runs
Maintain flaky tests Easy to use app with a dedicated team
Create reports and analytics More focus, faster velocity

SQA Testing Automation

If you are looking to escape the downward spiral of regression, from tens of hours of testing to zero using test automation; in other words, a task that one staff used to spend a whole week doing can be entirely automated. Two-thirds of tech companies have less than 50% test coverage. Why? Traditional QA strategies pit coverage against velocity. The more testing you do, the slower you ship. By combining the best parts of in-house QA & test platforms, we deliver end-to-end test coverage that never slows you down. As we build out coverage, we’ll work with you to integrate our automation solution into your dev process and start running tests. From a GitHub integration to a flexible API, we can work flexibly around your requirements. 

Test Automation is for you if…

  • You do manual testing and want to automate things
  • You’re a process owner
  • You’re a business or functional user spending time on user acceptance testing (UAT)
  • You manage a QA team
  • You’re an application owner
  • You want to enable agile and DevOps for your business
  • You use selenium and aim to achieve end-to-end testing
  • You want accessibility testing with one click